Finance is a collaborative technology for sustainable future.

WeeFin is a consultancy firm that serves all actors in the Financial Industry such as Banks, Fintechs, Investors, Wealth Managers, Market Authorities and Corporates to work better together with new business models.

This hyper connected eco-system requires a new way of thinking and a disruptive technology to solve scalability issues with transparency and trust.

We work with our clients to deploy new digital capabilities that will enable their organizations with continuous innovation.



We help all actors to take benefit of one of the most transformative moment in financial history.

The digitalization of Finance, with the emergence of new business models like APIs and Platforms, requires the adoption of a new way of thinking and of disruptive technology.

WeeFin advises CEOs, CDOs (Data / Digital), CIOs (Information/Innovation), Chief Architects, Chief Risk, Compliance Officers and others to identify the impact of innovation on their business models and adopt the best strategy.

We aim to accompany you and your teams during your Digital journey, from the ideation of the strategy to the roll-out of your transformation program.

What we Do: Advise, Teach, Co-Create, Deploy Innovative Ideas, Business Models and Technology.

Who work for: Corporates and Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Wealth Managers as well as Regulators, Security Services, Fintechs, Regtechs, Trading Venues and all Financial Market participants.

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Regulators have new expectations

After pushing for standardized and costly reporting frameworks, regulators are now looking for more effective solutions to secure and enlarge diversity of compliance monitoring and reporting deliveries.

They now open the door to new generation of actors based on innovative technologies. Such “RegTech will go hand in hand with low operational risks and high transaction safety”. The Market-Place ecosystem will help to reduce the systemic risk of uncontrolled internal risk models by delivering a more diverse and resilient market infrastructure in which incumbents and new entrants compete along the value chain.

WeeFin is helping financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation by addressing regulatory challenges.

WeeFin provides a set of innovative tools and platforms based on disruptive technology to streamline compliance processes and create new sources of revenue.

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“A distruptive technology is not a breakthrough innovation that makes good products a lot better”

We take advantage of our deep knowledge of the financial sector to seek continuously the best of technology to take you to the digital transformation of your business.

We are looking for technology that matches Capital Market constraints such as accuracy, volume with low-latency and high-thoughtput to create collaborative and agile organisation.

Web giants have created disruptive technology to solve scalability issues of new business models based on APIs and Platformification. We intensively test those technologies in our R&D Lab on Finance use cases to ensure they match the maturity level required for critical projects.

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Fin&Tech Community report – December 8th 2017 – Part 2

Note: This is the 2nd article of the two parts report written by Nada Rafi on the Fin&Tech Community day organized by Finance Innovation the 8th of December 2017 in Palais Brongniart (Paris). Part 1 introduces the Fin&Tech community and zooms on the labeled startups. Part 2 (this article) come back on noteworthy information that came to her …

Fin&Tech Community report – December 8th 2017 – Part 1

What  The  Fintech! Europe is currently in the grip of a Fintech revolution with 2018 set to be a pivotal year for startup companies looking to transform the financial world. I hence went to gauge the French Fintech sector’s temperature at the FIN&TECH COMMUNITY held on December the 8th at Palais Brongniart in Paris.  As …