A New Regtech Platform Promoting Decentralized Finance And Fostering Responsibility

Weefin is launching a new platform to build a Decentralized Application (dApp), that will offer a financial service store at a peer level.

This Decentralized Finance Platform will be intended for companies seeking for funding, or individuals willing to support a dedicated project and in need of reliable information, for financial institutions interested in new investments and hence looking for data analytics and finally for market authorities that need to quickly adapt to new markets and new technologies.

To address all these needs, a wide range of on demand services will be available through a ”pick and play” offer (Risk analysis, Regulatory reporting, Key attributes calculation, Backtesting, Real time monitoring…), and will rely on disruptive technologies (Big Data analytics, Machine Learning, APIs, Blockchain etc…).

This solution will first target alternative finance players, by giving them a supportive regulatory climate and by encouraging public support for green finance.

And as the data is the cornerstone of Decentralized Finance, WeeFin Platform is leveraging on Rockchain privacy-centric decentralized network for data processing, while ensuring sensitive data privacy.

Rockchain is a distributed network and APIs working with the Ethereum blockchain making privacy-ready DAPPs possible.

Working with this valuable partner will hence give the whole dimension to this new decentralized platform by bringing 2 major elements which are Privacy and Scalability.

About WeeFin

Founded by 3 seasoned finance professionals with strong background in risk, regulation and innovative technology, WeeFin believes that finance is entering a new era that requires new way of thinking and disruptive technology. For years, we have being helping from the inside all financial actors in their transformation to co-create a better future by building new business models and digital services.

About Rockchain

Rockchain is building a privacy-centric decentralized network for data processing, while keeping all private data local.

Rockchain enables logical rules on private data for blockchain distributed applications; data collaboration orchestration; machine learning on private data.

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