Alternative Finance: A New Reg-Generation For A New Disruptive Phenomenon

For a new marketplace

Bank lending is the most common source of external finance for several actors that are reliant on traditional debt to fulfill their cash flow and investment needs.

While it is commonly used by mid and large cap companies, SMEs, in particular newer, innovative and fast growing companies, with their higher risk-return profile, pose some challenges to traditional bank finance.

In an effort to circumvent the challenges of conventional financing, alternative financing schemes have arised to mobilize private investments.

Hence, crowdfunding has become an alternative source of funding across many sectors, and it is increasingly used to support a wide range of for-profit activities and businesses.

If peer-to-peer lending is attractive for small businesses that lack collateral or a credit history to access traditional bank lending, crowdfunding platforms are evolving into more sophisticated intermediaries.

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A New Regtech Platform Promoting Decentralized Finance And Fostering Responsibility

Weefin is launching a new platform to build a Decentralized Application (dApp), that will offer a financial service store at a peer level.

This Decentralized Finance Platform will be intended for companies seeking for funding, or individuals willing to support a dedicated project and in need of reliable information, for financial institutions interested in new investments and hence looking for data analytics and finally for market authorities that need to quickly adapt to new markets and new technologies.

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Rockchain and Future Direction of Finance

Let’s start with good news: Finance is getting on the move. Most actors, aware of the upcoming challenges, have started their transformation to face the ongoing digitalization of the sector or to endure the regulatory pressure. They have launched major programs to embrace agility, data citizenship and customer centricity while setting up new data architecture that will break organizational silos and support continuous improvement.

Now comes the bad news, those are just baby steps. Opening your business through APIs or developing the next platform-based market won’t make you a digital champion.

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