Discover the Innovative Technology Behind RegTech Leaders

Banks are facing tough times. In an ever-changing digital world, they need to reinvent themselves to respond to customer expectations and rebuild trust in markets. As they are struggling with new regulations, the situation forces them to rethink their strategy.

Note: Initially published on Fintech Circle in July 2017. Contribution made as abstract for upcoming RegTech Book for which we will be contributor.

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On-demand real-time trading analytics with Hadoop and HBase

Note: This article is a transcript of a presentation than has been made during London STAC Summit in May 2015. It gives the vision we had at that time of the potential impact of Big Data in Capital Market. Our focus on R&D is to identify the innovative technology that competitive advantage for Financial actors.

Today’s FO Operational Challenge

For years, banks have heavily invested in technology in order to follow the acceleration of Capital Market: exponential development of products, increase of volume, latency, diversity of sources.

In order to stay competitive, banks must now introduce new services based on a global view of the markets by federating all structured and unstructured dataset.

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