“A distruptive technology is not a breakthrough innovation that makes good products a lot better”

We take advantage of our deep knowledge of the financial sector to seek continuously the best of technology to take you to the digital transformation of your business.

We are looking for technology that matches Capital Market constraints such as accuracy, volume with low-latency and high-thoughtput to create collaborative and agile organisation.

Web giants have created disruptive technology to solve scalability issues of new business models based on APIs and Platformification. We intensively test those technologies in our R&D Lab on Finance use cases to ensure they match the maturity level required for critical projects.

Data-Driven Transformation

Data-Centric Architecture with Scalable Streaming Data Platform From the very beginning we were convinced that Big Data will have a tremendous impact on Bank IT infrastructures. Since 2013, we’ve been working on open-source Big Data solutions to discover how it can help to solve Core Banking issues. Our story shows that we were totally right …

Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Organization and Collaboration in Finance Finance infrastructure is very complex. While our Data-Centric architecture helps breaking organizational silos to accelerate agility and initiate collaboration between business lines, we found that we need to go one step further. Customers entrust Banks with highly sensitive information. This insider data must be handled with great care and …