Data-Driven Transformation

Data-Centric Architecture with Scalable Streaming Data Platform

From the very beginning we were convinced that Big Data will have a tremendous impact on Bank IT infrastructures. Since 2013, we’ve been working on open-source Big Data solutions to discover how it can help to solve Core Banking issues.

Our story shows that we were totally right and Data-Centric architecture is now a key accelerator of Bank digitalization.

The new generation of Big Data architecture called kappa-architecture based on the processing of business event, guarantees the production of accurate insight in real-time as well as the replacement of legacy batch processes.

These architecture enables real-time business intelligence and on-demand analytics for new data initiatives.

Our innovative Big Data pipeline built with open-source technology can be used on any standard Hadoop deployment and is used by our customers in production environment for critical business workloads.

Keywords: “Kappa Architecture”, “Stream Processing”, “Event Sourcing”, “CQRS”, “Reactive”, “CEP”, “Complex Event Processing”, “Distributed Application”, “Micro Services”, “APIs”, “Advanced Analytics”, “Real-Time Analytics”, “Business Intelligence”, “OLAP”, “Data Hub”, “Fast Data”

Our expertise: “Apache Kafka”, “Apache Flink”, “Apache Spark”, “Apache HBase”, “Apache Beam”, “NoSQL”, “Akka”, “Elasticsearch”, “Big Data”, “Hadoop”