Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Organization and Collaboration in Finance

Finance infrastructure is very complex. While our Data-Centric architecture helps breaking organizational silos to accelerate agility and initiate collaboration between business lines, we found that we need to go one step further.

Customers entrust Banks with highly sensitive information. This insider data must be handled with great care and securely manipulated.

The Digital Transformation requires collaboration between a lot of actors: incumbents like Banks, Trading Venues, Asset Managers, Trustees, Clearers, Regulators and also new entrants like Fintech or web giants. We see the rapid emergence of new business models based on APIs like Bank as a Service and Platform. Those new models bring new issues: it will require market participants to become hyper connected, real-time and to put in place scalable architectures in a way to match continuous business innovation.

Those decentralizations, hyper connected and agile ecosystems must still guarantee privacy and security of information while keeping the level of transparency required by Regulators.

How to finance this infrastructure renovation between participants? An innovative revenue sharing model must be put in place in order to fairly share the cost of digitalization between incumbents and let the possibility of new entrants to collaborate and bring new ideas.

We find that the blockchain technology especially the Ethereum protocal, to be a great answer to a lot of those requirements. We work with partners to extend this technology and to add Privacy and Scalabity to the distributed  ledger one.

Our lab is now working on a Distributed Application (Dapp) to create a platform that allows participants to securely exchange sensitive data and create distributed business intelligence applications.

Keywords: “Blockchain”, “Bitcoin”, “Cryptocurrency”, “Ethereum”, “Token”, “Decentralization”, “DLT”, “Dapp”