WeeFin’s Vision

WeeFin sees two shifts in the financial services industry.

  1. Clients expect services that are fast to access and transparent with a socially responsible impact
  2. The hegemony of traditional actors is more and more questioned

WeeFin foresees the result of these shifts will be the integration of finance in everyday life, making it a new drive for the economy and for tackling societies’ stakes.

This translates to 3 consequences: the future of finance is more sustainability, finance and compliance will become technology and finance is on the path to decentralization.

1. The future of finance is more sustainability

The whole industry has become aware of the long-term impact of its investments. Not only do clients ask for transparency on this impact, they also seek new financial products aligned with their ethic.

2. Finance and compliance will become technology

Alternative finance caused a landslide in the industry: digital banking and highly accessible services are becoming the new norm for retail actors. Investment banks will either follow suit or become obsolete.

Banks benefit from trust and high expertise when it comes to compliance. Time to put forth compliance as a service, with their trusted stamp on it.

3. Finance is on the path to decentralization

Clients ask for transparent and purposeful services. New untraditional financial actors keep feeding into these new expectations, while still trying to break through finance’s traditional business value chains.

The short-term result of this change is finance becoming a platform. WeeFin believes the long-term result is decentralization.

Traditional actors must join in the movement before losing all relevance.


How We achieve this vision?

WeeFin wants to act as a catalyst to accelerate finance’s transformation.

We aspire to change the mindsets and conventional methods of this industry’s main actors.

Particularly, we wish to facilitate collaborative effort towards improvement of these services and the creation of new ones: by that we mean making finance a technology and pushing forward partnerships between traditional and non-traditional finance actors (Fintechs, Regtechs etc.) by connecting them through a decentralized marketplace, that we are also working on.

This is how WeeFin is helping you build new business models and the new decentralized finance.