Who is WeeFin ?

Grégoire Hug
Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

Prior to founding WeeFin
Grégoire worked at a major bank for almost a decade. He started as a quantitative analyst, then became Head of Product R&D of the Risk & Performance department. He lead a team seeking to transform the business with models such as marketplaces, Sustainable finance and fintech partnerships.

A main player involved in ESG’s stakes
As a seasoned finance Professional, Grégoire strongly believes the future is a more sustainable finance. He has a solid expertise on ESG data’s use in finance and has been a vocal advocate of such use to identify more efficient and trustworthy Financial products. He is thus an established speaker and lecturer in major events and major education institutions.

His vision: In both finance and technology, the devil is in the details

Why WeeFin ?
Grégoire co-founded WeeFin in order to be fully involved in the necessary transformation in financial services industries. And sustainability is one of the main approach WeeFin has taken to set in motion the evolution of finance.

You can follow Grégoire on Twitter and find him on LinkedIn.