Who is WeeFin ?

Nada Rafi
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Prior to founding WeeFin
Nada was head of the Anti-fraud and Investigation team in a major Investment bank, where she actively contributed to significant regulatory projects and to Transformation programs. She has over 12 years of market activities and operational risks management background.

An early adopter
Big data, data science, Artificial Intelligence: Nada believed and worked on deploying these technologies well ahead of her peers. But as she equally believes in technology than in people, she’s been specialized in operational efficiency too. Nada works on business empowerment and knows the needs and problems of compliance officers like no other.

Her vision: Compliance is a brand

Why WeeFin ?
Nada has decided to nourish her “techie” appetite by co-founding WeeFin: she believes in new business models for financial services providers, which will involve a data-driven approach to business and regulation.

You can follow Nada on Twitter and find her on LinkedIn.