Fin&Tech Community report – December 8th 2017 – Part 2

Note: This is the 2nd article of the two parts report written by Nada Rafi on the Fin&Tech Community day organized by Finance Innovation the 8th of December 2017 in Palais Brongniart (Paris). Part 1 introduces the Fin&Tech community and zooms on the labeled startups. Part 2 (this article) come back on noteworthy information that came to her ear during the event.

#FTCommunity Day Noteworthy Information

What I’ve heard, see, learned, liked, disliked and want to share with you: Swave, a new Fintech incubator in Paris, the French Fintech Tour, the Green Blockchain Project and to conclude my event wrap-up.


From Alpha New Asset Management press release of October, the 25th 2017

 Opened in December the 8th, Swave is the first physical incubator, entirely dedicated to FinTech firms and managed by Paris&Co with the support of the French government.

This new platform, fostering “innovation”, offers 2,500 m² of office space in the Grande Arche, in the heart of La Défense. The objective is not only to create an innovation-friendly business environment but to attract European FinTech firms to La Défense which is Paris’ main financial district.

Swave, founded by NewAlpha, Societe Generale, Crédit Municipal de Paris and Exton Consulting, will work closely with the research and higher education bodies (Institut Louis Bachelier) as well as territorial authorities.

 23 start-ups, from four different sectors of innovation, are constituting the first “class” to be admitted to Swave.

  • Neo-finance: new ways to conceive traditional banking and insurance models
  • Cybersecurity: data access, data encryption, anti-hacking, blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning
  • The finance of tomorrow: sustainable finance, climate finance, impact investing, regtech


 Le French Fintech Tour is the sole chance to connect with the vibrant French Fintech ecosystem and financial leaders in the UK and Ireland.

 A unique 3-day event designed to resolve a single challenge: increase French Fintech adoption into the British and Irish financial landscape. Recognised as a premium event, le French Fintech Tour gathers senior and top executives from Banks, Insurances, Investments and Financial related companies. Le French Fintech Tour is returning for its second edition on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of July 2018.


From Stockholm Green Digital Finance press release

 A Green Assets Wallet has been launched during the Fin&Tech community event in conjunction with Climate Finance Day and One Planet Summit in Paris, France.

The project, Green Assets Wallet: Validating Green Investment through Blockchain, is designed to equip green investors with the technology to better deliver on the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Stockholm Green Digital Finance will build the blockchain-based technology for validating green investment claims to deliver efficiency and transparency to the green debt market by immutable verification of green impacts.

Green Assets Wallet will help to effectively channel private institutional capital to green projects globally, specifically supporting green emerging markets investments. The wallet is based on open-source

The project has been funded through a 400,000 EUR investment from the Emerging Markets Dialogue on Finance (EMDF), part of a project of GIZ GmbH, Germany’s leading provider of international cooperation service and commissioned by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


To wrap this up, I would say that FIN&TECH COMMUNITY is a biannual event, the only one of its kind to gather all financial actors together.

It is therefore a great forum to discover the Fintechs landscape, to explore innovating ideas, meet with bright people and allow your appetite for the latest technological trends to expand.

It’s an effective mean of conveying your projects, and a free marketing channel for your startup. Indeed, there have been 1600 tweets with the hashtag #FTCommunity and 2.5 millions people reached on twitter.

Despite the crowd, everything was organized masterfully. We could split in 3 different spaces: The conference room (round tables and keynotes), The auditorium (Presentation of the 40 Labelled Fintechs), and the Fintech speed dating area.

I only regret that I have missed the Buffet!