Decentralized RegTech Platform for Alternative Finance

A New Finance Marketplace

From ‘too-big-too-fail’ to ‘small-enough-to-try’, we propose a regulatory mindset shift to alternative finance where potential failure is anticipated and planned from the start.

Current RegTech solutions are about streamlining and automating regulatory compliance. WeeFin fosters RegTech as a transformative tool for finance infrastructure.

Rethink financial collaboration

SMEs, in particular innovative and fast growing companies, pose challenges to traditional bank as they have higher risk-return profile.  In this context, alternative finance have arised to mobilize private investments.

With our RegTech platform, we propose to:

Offer a strengthen regulatory environment to help the expansion of peer-to-peer platforms

Raise alternative finance to a larger audience and foster responsible investment

Help corporate organisations and venture capitalists to be involved in bigger scale crowdfunding operations

Broaden the range of financing instruments available to SME and entrepreneurs

Secure access to sensitive data such as  business information and financial details to potential investors for data-driven investment

RegTech has to shift away from the efficiency gains it has provided to date, and look instead to its potential as a transformative tool for finance infrastructure that can become the regulation itself.

WeeFin RegTech Platform powered by Rockchain

WeeFin RegTech Platform is a decentralized application (dApp) on Ethereum blockchain network that will initiate this new RegTech generation in order to rebuild finance infrastructure for sustainable future.

WeeFin is powered by Rockchain to ensure the privacy of corporate sensitive data. Rockchain is a privacy-centric decentralized network for data processing.

Advanced Regulatory Report

Improved calculation and real-time reporting. Streamline and increase transparency.

Data Privacy and Security

Rockchain second-layer solutions on Ethereum solve the stakes of decentralizing finance infrastructure.

Collaborative Innovation

Open Value Chain with data and flow governance. Innovative revenue sharing to build new business models.

Responsible Investment

Build-up climate resilience by investing in green and sustainable finance and back SME.

Decentralized Finance

Blockchain help reduce intermediation cost with no brokerage cost or trustees while improving trust and transparency.

Data-Driven Investment

Our APIs and Big Data Analytics give access to a rich set of data that let investors safely build diversified portfolio.

A dApp is an application that run inside Ethereum network, a public blockchain platform, that ensures transparent collaboration between market participants with no downtime or fraud. It allows a distributed application to run without the requirement of a trusted third party.

About Rockchain

Rockchain is creating a privacy-centric decentralized network for data processing, while keeping all private data local.

Rockchain enables logical rules on private data for blockchain distributed applications, data collaboration orchestration, machine learning on private data.

Rockchain provides three frameworks. The DappBox is a distributed file system where data are stored on your own cloud and access rights managed on Ethereum. The RockEngine allows to securely process private data stored on your DappBox while preserving data privacy. The DashRock is a real-time big data reporting framework on Rockchain scripts and Ethereum smart contracts.

About WeeFin

Founded by 3 seasoned finance professionals with strong background in risk, regulation and innovative technology, WeeFin believes that finance is entering a new era that requires new way of thinking and disruptive technology. For years, we have being helping from the inside all financial actors in their transformation to co-create a better future by building new business models and digital services.