Our Offer

What can we do for you ? 

While we are working on our decentralized RegTech platform, we want to remain fully implicated in the ever-changing issues of the industry, as we assist other firms throughout their transformation. It also allows us to identify the most relevant use cases that will be proposed in the forthcoming marketplace.

Our functional domains                                                                        

Finance as a platform

Clients demand faster and simpler services: finance has to become a platform.

Your gain New revenue streams, notably through client relationship monetization. Most importantly, it means limiting the departures of clients becoming way less captive.

Why WeeFin By opening your business to innovative actors (FinTechs, RegTechs etc.) through emerging technologies, we can help you provide real value to customers and monetize your know-how.

Green Finance and ESG

Requests for transparency and ethic  increasingly emerge, resulting in needs for new data sources and management. This makes sustainable finance an essential new market for the industry.

Your gain This market is growing fast. It’s your chance to become a main player in sustainable finance, before it becomes overcrowded.

Why WeeFin We assist you throughout the deployment of your own personalized ESG strategy and risk framework. We help you develop your own decision and search tools that can notably be used for data management and reporting.

Compliance & regulatory reporting

Compliance functions endured the past decade’s re-regulation. Time to embrace a mandate shift: compliance can become your trademark.

Your gain Compliance is your new business opportunity: your know-how should be leveraged on.

Why WeeFin To become the new epicenter of the banking economy, these functions need to get efficient and remain relevant. We can guide you through it by building an event-driven and federated data organization.

OUR Sectorial domains
  • Corporate Investment Bank
  • Capital Market
  • Financing
  • Asset Management
  • FinTech & RegTech
Our technologies
  • Regtech solutions
  • API
  • Decentralized Finance
  • Data governance and architecture
  • Advanced analytics and Big data
  • Machine learning
  • Blockchain