Regulators have new expectations

After pushing for standardized and costly reporting frameworks, regulators are now looking for more effective solutions to secure and enlarge diversity of compliance monitoring and reporting deliveries.

They now open the door to new generation of actors based on innovative technologies. Such “RegTech will go hand in hand with low operational risks and high transaction safety”. The Market-Place ecosystem will help to reduce the systemic risk of uncontrolled internal risk models by delivering a more diverse and resilient market infrastructure in which incumbents and new entrants compete along the value chain.

WeeFin is helping financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation by addressing regulatory challenges.

WeeFin provides a set of innovative tools and platforms based on disruptive technology to streamline compliance processes and create new sources of revenue.

Banks entrust compliance implementation to costly consulting firms. While inadequate tools and obsolete methods are implemented, trade repository projects are most of the time failures.

For years, we managed risk and compliance programs for Tier 1 Banks to deploy at scale regulations such as Liquidity Monitoring (LCR), MIFID2, FRTB, BCBS-239 and Market Monitoring platform.

We think that innovative technology such as new generation of Big Data architecture based on Business Event, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Machine Learning and Blockchain technology are  key success factors for modern regulatory reporting.

We have implemented with success for a major regulator in Finance their Market-Monitoring platform for MIFID2 and EMIR supervision.

The platform is based on Cloud and innovative BigData Technology to ensure low Total-Cost-of-Ownership, Time-to-Market and Scalability. The platform will give free access to information for Data Scientists and Analysts to develop advanced reporting and analytics with Machine Learning and On-Demand Data Visualization.

Current successes in Compliance are based on open technology. From Agile Data Lake, Fast Data and Serverless architecture to cloud based Machine Learning services, we ensure Financial Services companies the success of their regulatory program. We help them transform their organization in order to create new sources of revenues and to become a more Data-Driven Organization supporting agility and innovation.

WeeFin’s vision

Compliance, with a use of innovative technology and a strategic vision of Bank ecosystem evolution, can accelerate the transformation of Financial actors into a Digital Champion.

“RegTech” is a massive opportunity to create a vibrant surrounding ecosystem at scale while increasing productivity, lowering transaction cost and improving operational resilience. By moving to “Platform” and “As-a-Service” model, finance industry will be able to expand revenues with new business models while increasing transparency and customer satisfaction.